Helena A. C. Sampaio, Soraia P. M. Arruda, Clarice M. A. C. Vergara, Cláudia M. C. S. Vasconcelos, Daianne C. Rocha, Tatiana U. Passos, Sabrina D. Sabry, Bruna Y. C. Silva, Ana L. R. Ferreira, Elainy P. Mariano, Ehrika V. A. Menezes, Ana J. N. Oliveira, Lais M. Aguiar, Mariana D. Cordeiro, Raissa M. A. Lima, Karen M. Timbó, Nayranne H. C. Tavares, Patrícia C. Alves, Itamara A. Silva, Walter C. P. Vasconcelos Filho, Maria B. B. Andrade, Yanna L. M. Paiva, Bruna Borges, Ayana F. Meneses

Universidade Estadual do Ceará

HEALTH LITERACY MONTH IN BRAZIL – We need to begin at university
October is the month of Health Literacy, a time when the defenders of this knowledge field spread the importance of making health information understandable.
In Brazil, in a pioneer way, we held an event on November of 2015 called The Health Literacy Event: finding the right words for a better health!, according to the what was proposed by Helen Osborne. This event was organized by the research group of Nutrition in Chronic Diseases – Nutrindo, during the XX University Week of Universidade Estadual do Ceara, located in the northeast of the country.
The event occurred on November, 10th to 12th of 2015, during the afternoon. It did not take place on October because it was programmed to wait for the period of the University Week so that it could gain more visibility.
We developed audio-visual materials focusing 5 points: What is functional health literacy? How can the literacy be measured? What is the importance of literacy on your practice? In which times can you practice health literacy? Why is October the month of literacy?
The event was included in the main calendar of the State University of Ceara, in order to be repeated on November of each year, beginning on 2016.