Laura Guyer, PhD, RD

Type of Hero:
Hero: Laura Guyer, PhD, RD
Hero's Affiliation: Health Disparities in Society minor, University of Florida
Hero Description:

Dr. Guyer is teaching the next generation of health professionals to incorporate health literacy in daily practice. She developed a 3 credit class, “Fundamentals of Health Literacy,” for preprofessional health and public health students. In the service learning course “Practicum in Health Disparities,” students evaluate the literacy demands of educational materials used by Health Care Safety Net clinics and revise materials using best practices. In the nationally recognized interprofessional course, Putting Families First, she teaches more than 750 1st year medical, dental, pharmacy, etc. students about literacy, health literacy, patient safety and Teach Back. She also designed an online library guide about health literacy for students, health professionals, faculty and the public,