UHN Patient & Family Education Program

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Hero: UHN Patient & Family Education Program
Hero's Affiliation: University Health Network (UHN) – Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Toronto, Ontario, Cananda
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With a growing demand on patients to take more active roles in their health, many are seeking medical information from sources such as the Internet. Yet, because 60% of Canadians lack health literacy skills, many will have difficulty using this information.
The UHN Patient and Family Education (PFE) Program ensures patients and families have the right information at the right time, meeting their individual learning needs across the continuum of care. We partner with healthcare professionals and build capacity within our large, multi-site organization to ensure staff have the knowledge, best practices, tools and competencies to ensure patients and families have the skills and knowledge to manage their care, make informed decisions, and ultimately, engage as partners in their care and lead healthier lives.
Our 3 strategic directions (2013-2016) define our commitment to mitigating the impact of low health literacy: 1) Ensure Quality Processes and Systems; 2) Build Patient and Family Education Expertise; 3) Elevate the Art and Science of Patient and Family Education. Posted 2015.