Integrated Health Literacy Program (IHLP)

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Hero: Integrated Health Literacy Program (IHLP)
Hero's Affiliation: Atlantic General Hospital
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With support of Worcester County Public Schools and the Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy at the University of Maryland, Atlantic General Hospital has created an innovative way to increase health literacy in the public school classroom. Through the use of existing STEM standards, Worcester County teachers collaborate with health and education professionals to enhance current core subject area curriculum with key health literacy concepts. The mission is to not add to the workload of the teachers but increase health literacy through integration in existing lessons.
IHLP serves students in grades one through five county-wide. A sixth grade pilot program will begin implementation this school year. The program’s goal is to expand not only into the middle and high school classrooms county-wide but throughout the state and country. For more information, visit Posted 2015.