Shelley Bianco, MD

Type of Hero:
Hero: Shelley Bianco, MD
Hero's Affiliation: Bianco Primary Care, Alpharetta GA
Hero Description:

In today’s busy health care industry, it is refreshing to find a physician who is not only on time for your office appointment, but spends more than fifteen minutes with you! Dr. Shelley Bianco is one of those very special doctors. One of her strengths is her ability to get to know each of her patients as individuals so she can establish a strong patient-doctor relationship and deliver personalized care. She is compassionate, caring, professional who is never in a hurry during an appointment and takes the time to get to know each of her patients well. She is always accessible by phone or e-mail and often follows up an office visit with a personal phone call. Furthermore, she keeps abreast of the current research in health care and nutrition, and enjoys sharing this information with her patients. Dr. Bianco deserves to be recognized for her dedication to her patients and the health care field. She is my Health Care Literacy Hero! Posted 2014.