Health Literacy Heroes


Health Literacy Heroes are individuals, teams, and organizations who identify health literacy problems and act to solve them. There are many ways to do this. Here are examples of what Health Literacy Heroes have done in past years. Follow the links to learn about each story.

You can help. There are lots of ways:

  • Encourage others to be Health Literacy Heroes. You are welcome to use either or both of the Health Literacy Hero images in your Health Literacy Month materials. These can include, but certainly aren’t limited to, handouts, banners, buttons, bookmarks, and postcards. Email Helen Osborne for the jpeg files,
  • Give an award to those you consider Health Literacy Heroes. Publicly thank those who are making a difference. To help, I worked with my graphic designer to create a Health Literacy Hero award that you can use. Email Helen Osborne for the PDF,
  • Inspire others to take action. Submit a listing to show the world how individuals, teams, and organizations are taking action and being Health Literacy Heroes.